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Dominic McKenzie Architects (DMA) is North London through and through. Since its inception in 2011, its offices have always been based in Islington, and founder Dominic McKenzie has been a resident of Islington for two decades. We specialise in projects that bring together modern design with classic architecture, so whether you’re looking to upgrade a listed building in Hampstead, North London, or add a modern touch to an unlisted building in Camden, we can help you achieve your aims.

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Who we are

Founder Dominic McKenzie is an architect with decades of experience, and many awards to his name, including a RIBA Stirling award, a Sunday Times British Homes Award, and an NLA ‘Don’t Move Improve’ award.

Dominic has also lectured in architecture at a number of universities and higher education institutions including the Birmingham School of Architecture, the University of Westminster, and the University of Miami.

Dominic McKenzie

What we do

Our specialism is blending modern designs with classic architecture. We particularly focus on listed buildings, helping owners modernise their properties and upgrade them without infringing upon any building’s listed status.

Our Process

For our clients, the process can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. Whether you prefer to give us a brief and let us drive the project forward on our own, want more of a hand in the project at every stage, or somewhere in between, we are happy to cater to you.


The first step in the process is to conduct a site visit and consultation, during which we get a feel for the building and your vision for it. Then our creative team come up with a plan that matches your brief, obtain the correct planning permissions on your behalf, and carry out construction. Once a project is complete we do strict quality control to make sure that the final result is up to our sky-high standards.

Get in touch

We work across the entirety of North London, so if you have a project that we’d be a good fit for, get in touch to get it started today.