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If you’re looking for architects in South West London that can help you modernise a classic property or building, look no further. Dominic McKenzie Architects (DMA) specialises in design that is contemporary while paying respect to a building’s original design. We particularly enjoy working on listed buildings, or buildings that are otherwise in a more classic style and modernising them.

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Who we are

Founder Dominic McKenzie is an architect, university lecturer, awards judge, and business owner, with decades of experience in the field of architecture. He has earned many awards for his work over the years, including the coveted RIBA Sterling award – the highest honour an architect can win. Other awards won by Dominic include a Sunday Times British Homes Award, and an NLA ‘Don’t Move Improve’ award.

Dominic’s style – and therefore the style of DMA – is contemporary architecture that sits within a more traditional setting. So, if you’re looking for a modern interior for your property, whether it’s a listed building or merely of a traditional design, you’re in the right place

Dominic McKenzie

What we do

We bring traditional properties into the 21st Century by creating designs that are a stylish blend of old and new. If this sounds like the sort of project you want to undertake, we’re the right firm for you.

Our Process

For us, the key part of our process is flexibility. You can either be fully involved with a project every step of the way or take a step back and allow us to take the lead. Every one of our projects is completely bespoke and is built around each client’s specific needs.

The first step is always a visit to your property so that we can examine the space and get a feel for what we’re working with. This also allows us the opportunity to find out more about your vision, and how exactly we can help to make it a reality.

We then carry out every phase of the process – from planning to construction and quality assurance. 

Get in touch

If the above sounds like it meets your needs, be sure to get in touch. We can’t wait to visit your property and find out more about your ideas for the project.